The loudest person I know

“One of the most commonly reported challenges for people with autism spectrum conditions is hypersensitivity to noise” (Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 20 (10), 1–9])

My project “Dylan” explores a child with autism spectrum disorder and his relationship with photography. During my exploration, I have found that the camera and other visual platforms are providing key parts in his learning.

So far I have found they can be categorised into three steps. 
- Being overwhelmed and hiding. 
- Transitioning, using photography to help overcome overwhelming feelings.
- Using photography to Learn and gain a more thorough understanding of the emotions being felt.

These images demonstrate the first step, being overwhelmed, whilst he is the loudest person I know, he is becoming increasingly sensitive to sounds, not just how loud they are but a culmination of sounds in the environment.

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